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November 12, 2010

Hot Sandwiches: Dip or Melt?

Mmmm....French Dip!

The best thing about sandwiches is that there are so many different kinds to choose from. Let’s face it, sandwiches are very personal—just ask anyone. What’s delicious for some (peanut butter-BLT, for instance) may sound disgusting to others. When you were a kid, bologna on white with ketchup or a simple grilled cheese was probably your favorite thing ever, but now you’ve grown up a bit, and your tastes have matured.

And that’s when, sometimes, only a hot sandwich will do. But there’s days when a hot sandwich with a delicious bowl of au jus to dunk it in is the perfect meal, and then others when you want gooey, cheesy goodness melted all over that meat between two crispy pieces of bread.

Luckily, you’re a fan of Benjies Deli. They’ve got four different kinds of their Big Dip Sandwich and four different choices for their Melts (five, really. Because if you ask nicely, they’ll put a Garden™ Burger in a Melt!)

Let’s start with the Big Dips—all served on a soft French roll that’s been grilled on the inside. Choose which kind of toasty-hot, thinly sliced meat you’d like inside of it: brisket, ham, pastrami or the King of All Dips, prime rib, cooked medium-rare as it should be. Dark, savory and delicious: that bowl of au jus is waiting for you to dunk in it. And don’t be shy—the friendly wait staff at Benjies will bring you more if you run out. But don’t forget the sides—although they can wait til after you’ve finished your sandwich! Eat it while it’s hot, as they say. That coleslaw will still be crunchy and tangy, and the French fries will soak up any leftover au jus….if there is any!

What about when you’re craving something crispy on the outside and cheesy on the inside? Go ahead and try one of Benjies’ Best Melts Ever. Try the gold standard of melts with the Patty Melt, a half-pound freshly grilled hamburger patty smothered with caramelized onions and melted American cheese, captured between two grilled pieces of Benjies’ legendary rye bread. This unbeatable combination makes for a sure-fire perfect lunch or dinner every time. And vegetarians, don’t forget! This Patty Melt is available with the Garden™ Burger exchanged for the beef patty so you can have share the Patty Melt love.

Feeling a little adventurous? Then try our very-own Brisket Melt, with tender, thin-sliced roast brisket of beef covered in Muenster cheese on our rye bread—truly a gourmet delight. For perfect comfort food, try the Ham and Cheese Melt—grilled paper-thin slices of imported ham under melted American cheese on rye. Not the best choice for our Jewish customers, but we won’t tell if you don’t!

Customers love our Albacore tuna salad on a cold sandwich, but sometimes nothing beats the Tuna Melt with American cheese in between two grilled slices of rye. All of the sandwiches come with tangy coleslaw and French fries to complete the meal.

So which is YOUR favorite? Write on our Facebook wall and let us know!

(Photo courtesy of New York Magazine)

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